Co-op Community Food Farm Manuals

The MJRWS have written five garden manuals. They cover topics related to pollination, culture, harvesting, marketing, and irrigation.

In the spring of 2022, the MJRWS wrote 5 manuals to help people with their own gardens. There are very limited hard copies. If you would like a copy, please contact Stephanie at [email protected].

Co-op Community Food Farm Manual: Pollinator Edition- Pollinators are necessary for food production. It is estimated 1/3 bites of food is produced with the help of a pollinator This manual introduces readers to different bat, bird, and insect pollinators within Saskatchewan. It also helps readers understand the different factors that are threatening these vulnerable populations. There is also a section that will provide people with tips and tricks to attract all types of pollinators to their garden.

Co-op Community Food Farm Manual: Culture Edition- Gardening has been a key component of civilization for 1000's of years. Gardens have been found across the globe. This manual dives into the history of agriculture and gardening and into different gardening styles.

Co-op Community Food Farm Manual: Irrigation- The Co-op Community Food Farm relies heavily on the installation of a reliable and regular irrigation system. This manual provides a brief overview of the Co-op Community Food Farm's irrigation system and general tips. 

Co-op Community Food Farm Manual: Harvesting Edition- You managed to successfully grow fruits and vegetables in your garden. Now what? This manual gives you harvesting and processing tips. Additionally, there are a few recipes that you can test out.

Co-op Community Food Farm Manual: Market Garden Edition- Selling produce can be quite easy. Technically all you need is a table, produce, and a location. However, to do it successfully requires a bit more planning and skill. This manual provides tips to turn your little stand into a successful business.

September 19, 2022 | Stephanie Huel